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Register as a farmers market nutrition program vendor

Get certified to accept program payments

Louisiana's farmers market nutrition programs make fresh local Louisiana produce accessible to qualified low income senior citizens and WIC recipients. And we're always looking for farmers to become vendors.

In addition to helping seniors and WIC recipients access fresh produce, these program offer farms access to a new revenue pool.

It's not complicated, and the certification is free... all you have to do it apply.

  • Once approved as a vendor, farmers, markets, and roadside stands will be provided with training on the program and its payment process.

  • The new system works just like a debit card, which means you'll get paid quickly and conveniently... there's no more vouchers to process or turn in.

  • You'll also be added to a directory that participants reference when looking for locations to spend their dollars.

If you're interested in becoming a certified farmer in this program, please call (985) 345-9483.

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