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Public records request

Request copies of documents that are public record

Every person has the right to examine public records, except as otherwise provided by law. Records can be emailed, mailed, picked up, or viewed in our office. Fees will apply.

Request public records

What is a public record?

All books, records, writings, accounts, letters and letter books, maps, drawings, photographs, cards, tapes, recordings, memoranda and papers, and all copies, duplicates, photographs, including microfilm, or other reproductions thereof, or any other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, including electronically stored information or information contained in databases or electronic data processing equipment, having been used, being in use, or prepared, possessed, or retained for use in the conduct, transaction, or performance of any business, transaction, work, duty, or function which was conducted, transacted, or performed by or under the authority of the constitution or laws of this state, or by or under the authority of any ordinance, regulation, mandate, or order of any public body or concerning the receipt or payment of any money received or paid by or under the authority of the constitution or the laws of this state, are "public records", except as otherwise provided in this Chapter or the Constitution of Louisiana ( Louisiana Revised Statute 44:1 ).

What is the fee schedule for records?

The price for Department of State General Fees is $0.25 per page, one sided, for photocopies, CD-ROM, USB Drive or Electronic Files Emailed. The cost for certification of records is $20.00 per certification. The information for the fee schedule can be found in the Louisiana Administrative Code , Title 4 Administration, Chapter 4, Department of State, Section 401.

If you are eligible to receive free or reduced copies, complete the reduced rate certification form before making your request.

Contact info

Dane Morgan, Custodian of Records