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Pesticide licensing and registration

Get authorized to apply pesticides and register pesticides for sale

LDAF is the state’s lead agency in the regulation of pesticide use and application. We license and train pesticide applicators, oversee worker protection, register pesticides for sale in the state, and work to minimize unnecessary impacts by pests to agriculture and society in general while protecting human health, the environment, and endangered and threatened species as mandated by federal law.

We ensure the proper labeling, distribution, storage, transportation, use, application, and disposal of pesticides within the state of Louisiana through fair and equitable implementation and enforcement of all applicable state and federal laws. We also investigate and bring action against those charged with violations of pesticide laws, rules, and regulations.


  • Commercial pesticide licensing

    Get authorized to apply pesticides on the ground or by aircraft, consult on pesticide applications, and sell pesticides in Louisiana
  • Pesticide product registration

    Register pesticides for sale in the state of Louisiana
  • Commercial applicator recertification opportunities

    Fulfill your recertification requirements
  • Structural pest control licensing and registration

    Get authorized to apply pesticides within and around structures

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Pesticide and Environmental Programs

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