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Transporting livestock

Move animals into and out of Louisiana safely and legally with health certificates, Coggins and equine piroplasmosis tests, and other requirements.

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Bringing livestock into Louisiana

Livestock brought into Louisiana needs to be accompanied by an official health certificate ( Certificate of Veterinary Inspection ) stating the animals:

  • Are free from signs of infectious or contagious diseases

  • Are free from signs of internal and/or external parasites

  • Meet specific requirements stated in this regulation 

Health certificates are valid for 30 days.

No livestock affected with, or carrying the contagion of, screwworms shall be moved into Louisiana for any purpose.

Livestock consigned to an approved slaughter establishment or livestock auction market are exempt from the health certificate requirement. 

Authority note: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 3:2093. 

Historical note: Promulgated by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock Sanitary Board, LR


State Veterinarian issues REVISED Order of the State Veterinarian, effective April 15, 2024:

No dairy cattle exhibiting clinical signs or testing positive for Bovine Associated Influenza-A (H5Nl) Syndrome may be imported into Louisiana.

All dairy cattle entering Louisiana from states affected by Bovine Associated Influenza-A (H5Nl) Syndrome in dairy cattle will require permitting by the State Veterinarian and may be required to complete pre-movement testing as determined by the State Veterinarian. Permits can be requested through the Office of the State Veterinarian at .

View the revised Order of the State Veterinarian here.


Moving livestock out of state

A federal requirement, effective March 11, 2013, governs the interstate movement of livestock covered under the Animal Disease Traceability rule:

  • Bison

  • Captive cervids

  • Cattle

  • Equine

  • Goats

  • Poultry

  • Sheep

  • Swine

These livestock must be officially identified and accompanied by an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection (health certificate) when traveling interstate unless subject to specific exemptions.

To comply with the USDA's Animal Disease Traceability regulations:

  1. Get necessary animal health certificates from an accredited veterinarian.

  2. Send completed health certificates to our office within 7 days of issue (mail, fax, email)

  3. We will forward a copy of the health certificates to the state of destination

Any further individual entry requirements are determined by the state of destination. Please check with that state in a timely manner to adhere to all requirements. Find contact information for state animal health officials on the U.S. Animal Health Association website .

Contact us for more information on electronic Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI)s, to register for the Louisiana eCVI, or to place an order for health certificates (paper-based or electronic fillable PDFs).

Moving livestock out of the country

For information on international travel, call the USDA APHIS Area Office in Flowood, MS, at 601-936-8580.

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Veterinary Health Division, Animal Health and Food Safety

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