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Promote agricultural production through seed inspection, testing, and certification

Our seed programs ensure that seed sold for planting purposes in Louisiana meets seed label guarantees and quality standards, and also ensure a mechanism is in place to provide a reliable source of high-quality certified seed from superior new crop varieties for Louisiana producers.

The Seed Programs Division:

  • Enforces seed law and regulations;

  • Administers seed certification program;

  • Manages the State Seed Testing Laboratory (located at 5825 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806); and

  • Regulates the industrial hemp industry in Louisiana.

We can help you in the production, identification, distribution, and promotion of certified classes of seed through:

  • Verification of planting stock origin

  • Field inspections

  • Laboratory analysis

  • Auditing

  • Labeling

  • Approval of certified seed storage, handling, and processing facilities

LDAF no longer organizes seedling sales, but you can find seed and seedling suppliers through the Louisiana Land Conservation Assistance Network or find a licensed nursery or nursery stock dealer .


  • Seed certification

    Apply for seed certification and find local dealers of certified seed
  • LDAF Seed Testing Laboratory

    Have your seed inspected, sampled, and tested for germination, purity, quality, and more
  • Seed dealer licensing

    Obtain a license to sell, distribute, or handle seed in Louisiana
  • Seed regulations and compliance

    Review requirements for seed labeling, seed sales, records, and reporting
  • Unsolicited seeds

    Get disposal guidance for unsolicited seeds
  • Seed sample test results

    See results from seed sample tests conducted on major agricultural crops by LDAF's Seed Testing Laboratory

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