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Office of Agro-Consumer Services

Ensure that equity prevails in the Louisiana marketplace

The Office of Agro-Consumer Services (ACS) protects buyers and sellers and builds confidence and trust in the Louisiana marketplace. ACS is responsible for:

  • Managing inspections and laboratory testing

  • Licensing service technicians and weighmasters

  • Working with producers to regulate grain, cotton, and dairy industries

  • Ensuring fair prices for high-quality dairy products


Weights and Measures  

Protects buyers and sellers by inspecting scales, meters, scanners, fuel pumps, and weights in any business location that sells products by weight or volume. Programs include:    

  • Motor Fuels 

  • Metrology 

  • Scale, taxi meter, and flow meter inspections 

  • Package inspections 

  • Price verification inspections 

Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission  

Regulates the following commodities for Louisiana warehouses, cotton merchants, and grain dealers: cotton, rye, soybeans, barley, grain sorghum, corn, wheat, oats, and any other agricultural commodity which the commission declares to be a commodity. Services include: 

  • Licensing

    • Warehouse license

    • Grain dealer license 

    • Cotton merchant license 

  • Assessments 

  • Grain grading and sampling 


Regulates the Louisiana dairy industry by ensuring high-quality dairy products at fair prices for both producers and consumers. Program areas include: 

  • Milk Bonding Law 

  • Dairy Stabilization Board 

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Office of Agro-Consumer Services
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Office of Agro-Consumer Services