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Structural pest control

Get licensed or certified, submit reports, and file complaints

Structural pest control rules and regulations protect the interests, health, safety, and welfare of the Louisiana public. Our Structural Pest Control Commission:

  • Governs the different phases of structural pest control licensing

  • Provides specifications for the application of pesticides for the control of specific pests

  • Governs the transportation and handling of pesticides and equipment

  • Governs the treatment of pesticide residues and handling and disposal of solid wastes generated during structural pest control work


  • Structural pest control licensing and registration

    Get authorized to apply pesticides within and around structures
  • Structural pest control reporting

    Protect the public by reporting termiticide application and other pest control work
  • Structural pest control complaints

    File a complaint with your local office
  • Structural pest control recertification opportunities

    Fulfill your annual recertification requirements

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