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Nursery and landscape licensing

Get authorized to use plants for interior and exterior beautification

Types of licenses and permits

Horticulture licenses are usually required if you are working with and/or selling live plants. This at-a-glance comparison tells you what you might need. More details are below.

What you want to do

Type of license or permit needed

Recommend and execute beautification through plants

Landscape Horticulturalist License

Sell, lease, and/or maintain nursery stock

Landscape Horticulturalist License or Nursery Stock Dealer Permit

Sell nursery stock that you grow

Nursery Grower Permit

Operate a nursery

Landscape Horticulturalist License or Nursery Stock Dealer Permit

Draw landscape designs

Landscape Architect License

Work on landscape irrigation systems

Landscape Irrigation Contractor License


Yard work (cutting lawns, edging, and hand-weeding beds) is not regulated by our department and does not require a license.

Change of information

Once licensed, if your address or contact information changes, request a change of information .

Find a licensed nursery or landscape professional

Landscape horticulturalists
Professionals who design public and private spaces by choosing, arranging, and shaping plants and trees. Updated 2023

Irrigation contractors
List of licensed irrigation contractors as of June 2023

Landscape architects
List of licensed landscape architects as of May 2023

Growers Aug2023

Nursery stock dealers
List of licensed nursery stock dealers as of June 2023

Licenses and permits

Contact info

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