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Commercial pesticide licensing

Get authorized to apply pesticides on the ground or by aircraft, consult on pesticide applications, and sell pesticides in Louisiana

Types of licenses

The State of Louisiana certifies and licenses two types of commercial pesticide application businesses:

  1. Commercial Pesticide Certification covers pesticide application anywhere that isn't in or on a building or other structure

  2. Structural Pest Control covers pesticide application to combat pests that live inside or within the structures of buildings

This section covers Commercial Pesticide Certification .

Your business must be licensed to apply pesticides, sell pesticides, or make pesticide recommendations. This at-a-glance comparison tells you what business licenses you will need. Additionally, employees who apply pesticides must obtain Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification .

What you want to do

Type of license needed

Apply pesticides by ground

Ground Owner Operator License

Apply pesticides by aircraft

Aerial Owner Operator License

Sell federally or state restricted use pesticides

RUP Dealer License

Make pesticide recommendations for a fee

Agricultural Consultant License

You must register field scouts used for placing pest traps, monitoring pest activity, etc.

If you want to apply restricted use pesticides on land you own or lease to produce an agricultural product, you need Private Pesticide Applicator Certification .

Requirements to stay compliant

To stay in compliance, your business must:

Commercial pesticide applicators and private pesticide applicators must get recertified every three years and track pesticides used.

Updating your information

Once licensed, if your address or contact information changes, email .

Licensed pesticide companies

Ground owner operator companies
List of licensed ground owner operator companies as of December 2023

Aerial owner operator companies
List of licensed pesticide aerial owner operator companies as of December 2023

Restricted use pesticide dealers
List of licensed restricted use pesticide dealers as of December 2023

Ag Consultants
List of licensed Agricultural Consultants as of December 2023

Structural pest control companies
List of licensed structural pest control companies as of August 2023

Licensing and registration

Contact info

Pesticide and Environmental Programs

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