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Commodity warehousing and distribution

Get authorized to store and deal cotton, grain, and other agricultural commodities

The Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission (LACC) regulates the following commodities for Louisiana warehouses, cotton merchants, and grain dealers:

  • Cotton

  • Rye

  • Soybeans

  • Barley

  • Grain sorghum

  • Corn

  • Wheat

  • Oats

  • Anything else the commission declares to be an agricultural commodity

See information on grain grading and sampling .

Types of licenses & certifications

This at-a-glance comparison tells you which license(s) you might need.

What you want to do

Type of license needed

Operate a warehouse that stores agricultural commodities

Warehouse license

Purchase agricultural commodities from farmers or represent farmers in the sale of agricultural commodities

Grain dealer license

Purchase or contract to purchase cottonCotton merchant license

Cotton merchant license

Get certified as a grain sampler or grader

Grain sampler/grader certification

Prior to issuing licenses, the LACC carefully reviews the person or entity’s financial statements for financial stability to assure the Louisiana farmer payment for his product.

Requirements to stay compliant


License applications are due on April 30. (Subject to a late fee of $50/day.)

All other supporting forms and/or documentation for warehouse, grain dealer, and cotton merchant licenses may be submitted between July 1 - June 30.


Turn in monthly assessment forms by the 15 th for the prior month’s assessments, whether there were purchases or not. Make payments in separate checks: GCIF and Monthly Assessment Report on one check and Promotion Assessments on a separate check.

Grounds for not issuing a license

LACC may refuse to issue a license to any applicant if it finds any of the following:

  • The warehouse is not suitable for the storage of agricultural commodities.

  • The applicant cannot demonstrate a net worth of at least one hundred thousand dollars.

  • The applicant is incompetent to conduct such a business.

  • There is any other sufficient reason for not issuing a warehouse, cotton merchant, or grain dealer license.


Your facilities might be reviewed and seized if you:

  • Don't have sufficient commodities to cover outstanding warehouse receipts and scale tickets marked for storage

  • Don't have sufficient funds to operate your business and are in imminent danger of being unable to continue to operate your business

  • Are unable to fulfill your obligations to farmers

  • Refuse to submit to a lawful inspection or audit ordered by the Commission

Licensed warehouses and distributors

Warehouse dealer merchant list 2023-2024
List of licensed grain dealers, cotton merchants, and commodity warehouses

Licenses and certifications

Contact info

Gene Cavalier, Director of Agricultural Commodities Commission

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