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Boards and commissions

Providing regulatory oversight, enforcement, and advocacy for agriculture and forestry in Louisiana

For in-depth information on all boards and commissions, visit the Louisiana Division of Administration (DOA) Boards and Commissions web page.

Boards and commissions

  • Advisory Commission on Pesticides

    Serves to protect the interests, health, safety, and welfare of the Louisiana public through rules and regulations pertaining to the proper labeling, sale, distribution, transportation, storage, use and application, and disposal of pesticides.
  • Agricultural Commodities Commission

    Regulates warehouses, cotton merchants, and grain dealers doing business in Louisiana.
  • Animal Control Advisory Task Force

    Assists community programs in ensuring and promoting the proper treatment and well-being of animals.
  • Beef Industry Council

    Administers the requirements of the federal "Beef Promotion and Research Act and Order" within Louisiana with the goal of improving producer profitability by expanding consumer demand for beef and strengthening beef's position in the marketplace.
  • Board of Animal Health

    Prevents, controls, and eradicates diseases in livestock and poultry; is responsible for licensing and supervision of livestock dealers and the chartering and supervision of auction markets.
  • Boll Weevil Eradication Commission

    Governs the practices and ensures producer compliance with existing law and regulation through investigations and adjudicatory hearings to facilitate eradication and maintain eradicated status.
  • Commission of Weights and Measures

    Ensuring equity in the marketplace for buyers and sellers.
  • Crawfish Promotion and Research Board

    Developing markets and funding research to further the Louisiana crawfish industry.
  • Dairy Industry Promotion Board

    Promotes Louisiana dairy to local consumers and may levy an assessment on all milk solids, milk fats, or fluid milk components sold.
  • Dairy Stabilization Board

    Provides a regulatory program designed to stabilize the Louisiana dairy industry in order to assure an adequate supply of healthful and wholesome dairy products to Louisiana consumers at fair and reasonable prices
  • Egg Commission

    Encourages increased production and quality in Louisiana eggs through marketing and research
  • Forestry Commission

    Protects, conserves, and replenishes the natural resources of the state.
  • Horticulture Commission

    Licenses, permits, and regulates persons engaged in horticultural businesses.
  • Livestock Brand Commission

    Investigates all agricultural crime and maintains brand book
  • Louisiana Agricultural Chemistry and Seed Commission

    Administers and enforces the laws and regulations relative to feed, fertilizer, agricultural liming materials, industrial hemp and seed
  • Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine

    Examines and determines the qualifications and fitness of applicants for a license to practice veterinary medicine in the state.
  • Louisiana Equine Promotion and Research Advisory Board

    Supports the growth and development of the equine industry in Louisiana by enhancing research, education, promotion, facilities, tourism, events, and equine-related activities throughout the state.
  • Louisiana Industrial Hemp Promotion and Research Advisory Board

    Supports the growth and development of the industrial hemp industry in Louisiana by enhancing research, education, promotion, facilities, and industrial hemp-related activities throughout the state.
  • Rice Promotion Board

    Promotes rice in the state of Louisiana.
  • Rice Research Board

    Conducts a program of research for the benefit of the Louisiana rice industry.
  • Soil and Water Conservation Commission

    Develops the LA conservation district program, establishes operational policy, and provides general regulatory oversight of the conservation district program.
  • Soybean Grain Research and Promotion Board

    Promotes the growth and development of the soybean, wheat, corn and grain sorghum industries in Louisiana
  • Strawberry Marketing Board

    Promotes the Louisiana strawberry industry by increasing production and quality through marketing and research.
  • Sweet Potato Commission

    Expands the market and increases consumption of sweet potatoes
  • Structural Pest Control Commission

    Protects the public through pest control rules and regulations