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Office of Soil and Water Conservation

Provides conservation assistance and education to landowners, business owners, educators, and the public

The Office of Soil and Water Conservation (OSWC) provides technical and financial assistance to the state’s 44 Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs). With assistance from state and federal partners and local SWCDs, we identify natural resource concerns through a locally led process, starting with the meeting of resource management agencies, local landowners, and community stakeholders. Local Work Groups then convene to evaluate natural resource conditions in a conservation needs assessment and establish broad conservation goals to meet those needs. SWCDs will then harness the necessary resources to successfully conserve and manage local resources through implementation of voluntary conservation programs and practices.  


Sustains Louisiana’s renewable natural resources through initiatives including : 

  • Agricultural Solid Waste Management

  • Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Abatement

  • Agricultural Prescribed Burner Certification

  • Marshland Prescribed Burner Certification

  • Coastal Wetlands Re-vegetation

  • Conservation Information & Education

  • Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

  • Farm Bill Program Assistance

Provides assistance with invasive species removal:

  • Feral hog trap rentals

  • Giant Salvinia Weevil Program

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Mailing address
Office of Soil and Water Conservation
5825 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70806