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Protecting the health and safety of livestock and other animals

Help ensure Louisiana raises, transports, and processes animals in ways that are healthy, safe, and secure.

CrawfishTales - Coastal Plains Meat Company

Today...and every day...we are grateful for our military service personnel, past and present, and the families who support them. They served our country honorably while on active duty and often integrate into important civilian roles after their service is complete.

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  • Buying and selling livestock

    Learn about livestock auctions and review livestock reports
  • Transporting livestock

    Move animals into and out of Louisiana safely and legally with health certificates, Coggins and equine piroplasmosis tests, and other requirements.
  • Animal branding and tattoos

    Ensure you're identified as your animals' owner if they get lost or stolen
  • Bees and beekeeping

    Safely manage bee colonies and hives in Louisiana
  • Complaints

    File a complaint or report a violation
  • Commercial feed and pet food

    Stay in compliance with Louisiana's feed and pet food registration and reporting rules

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March 6, 2024
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