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Licensing and permits

Get authorized to do agricultural and forestry business in the state of Louisiana

Below is a list of all the licenses, permits, and certifications issued by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

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Arborist Licensing

Get authorized to trim, fertilize, and remove trees

Bees and Beekeeping

Safely manage bee colonies and hives in Louisiana

Commodity Warehousing and Distribution

Get authorized to store and deal cotton, grain, and other agricultural commodities


Get authorized to sell eggs and learn about egg quality and inspections

Flower Dealer Licensing

Get authorized to arrange, cut, and sell flowers

Industrial Hemp Licensing

Get authorized to grow, process, and handle industrial hemp

Nursery and Landscape Licensing

Get authorized to use plants for interior and exterior beautification

Pesticide Licensing

Get authorized to apply pesticides on the ground or by aircraft, consult on pesticide applications, and sell pesticides in Louisiana

Seed Dealer Licensing

Obtain a license to sell, distribute, or handle seed in Louisiana

Structural Pest Control Licensing and Registration

Get authorized to apply pesticides within and around structures