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Commercial feed and pet food

Stay in compliance with Louisiana's feed and pet food registration and reporting rules

Feed and pet food registration

Any manufacturer or distributor of commercial feed or pet food who wishes to sell their products in the state of Louisiana must first register them with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

Annual registration

Distributors and manufacturers of commercial animal feed and pet food sold in Louisiana must register any new products and/or renew registration of existing products annually. Each new registration or annual re-registration is good for a year:

  • Beginning: July 1st of the current calendar year

  • Ending: June 30th of the next calendar year.

The deadline for all registrations is June 30th of the current calendar year.

Labeling requirements

The key piece of data required for any product registration is the Guaranteed Analysis label on the product package. Manufacturers or distributors who don't yet have a label for any product can obtain one by following the instructions in the Nutrition analysis and labeling section of this page.

Registration and tonnage reports for commercial feed and pet food

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