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Florist and flower dealer licensing

Get authorized to arrange, cut, and sell flowers and ornamental plants


Types of licenses

You must be authorized to sell flowers in the state of Louisiana. This at-a-glance comparison tells you what you might need.

What you want to do

Type of license or permit needed

Sell arranged flowers and plants to customers

Retail Florist License

Sell cut flowers (singly or in bunches) to customers

Retail Florist License or Cut Flower Dealer Permit

Sell cut flowers and/or plants to businesses

Wholesale Florist License

Requirements to stay compliant

  • If you own a retail florist business, each location must have at least one regular employee (32 hrs/week or more) who is licensed.

  • Renew your license annually: $100 for Retail Florists and Wholesale Florists and $90 per location for Cut Flower Dealers. See horticulture renewals .

  • Anyone who applies for a cut flower dealer permit must include a Louisiana State Sales Tax, issued through the  Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation . You need your Louisiana State Sales Tax number prior to getting a permit.

  • If you're selling woody ornamentals, such as trees or shrubs, you also need a Nursery Stock Dealer Permit .


These licenses are not needed for selling artificial materials or dried plant materials.

Updating your information

Once licensed, if your address or contact information changes, request a change of information .

Licensed florists in Louisiana

Find a licensed florist or cut flower dealer:

Licensed retail florists
List of licensed retail florists in Louisiana as of June 2024

Licensed cut flower dealers
List of licensed cut flower dealers in Louisiana as of June 2024

Licensed wholesale florists
List of licensed wholesale florists in Louisiana as of June 2024

Licenses and permits

Contact info

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