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Arborist licensing

Get authorized to trim, fertilize, and remove trees

Types of licenses

Arborist licenses are required if you work on trees for a fee. This at-a-glance comparison tells you what you might need.

What you want to do

License needed

Make recommendations or execute tree removal, pruning, trimming, cabling, fertilization, and cavity work

Arborist License

Recommend and execute removal of trees or portions of trees along utility rights of way

Utility Arborist License

Requirements to stay compliant

To stay compliant and keep your license:

  • When providing a service to property owners, enter into a written contract specifying the work to be done and the sum to be paid.

  • Have a Certificate of Liability Insurance: $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50,000 per person for property damage.

  • Attend a continuing education seminar annually for renewal of license. (See  2024 sessions  offered through the LSU AgCenter).

  • Pay $100 license fee per year.

Updating your information

Once licensed, if your address or contact information changes,  request a change of information .

Licensed arborists in Louisiana

Find a licensed arborist:

Licensed arborists
List of licensed arborists in Louisiana as of July 2024

Licensed utility arborists
List of licensed utility arborists in Louisiana as of July 2024


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