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Dairy Stabilization Board

Provides a regulatory program designed to stabilize the Louisiana dairy industry in order to assure an adequate supply of healthful and wholesome dairy products to Louisiana consumers at fair and reasonable prices

The Dairy Stabilization Board helps to stabilize the Louisiana dairy industry to ensure an adequate supply of healthy and wholesome dairy products. See milk and dairy

The board:

  • Prevents persons, partnerships, and corporations from using unfair methods of competition, unfair or deceptive acts or practices, and disruptive trade practices in the sale of milk and milk products

  • Investigates complaints regarding violations of Dairy Stabilization Board regulations

  • Audits the financial records of processors, distributors, and retailers

  • Determines costs of manufacturing, selling, and delivering dairy products

Review regulations for the Dairy Stabilization Board .

Go to  our page with the Louisiana Division of Administration  to see members, read meeting minutes, and more.





April 16, 2024


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