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Seed certification

Apply for seed certification and find local dealers of certified seed

Certified seed is seed of a known variety produced under strict standards. The goals are to:

  • Maintain varietal purity

  • Minimize the presence of other crops, inert matter, and weed seeds

  • Ensure a high germination percentage

The Louisiana Seed Certification Program provides a wide range of services that help our clients in the production, identification, distribution, and promotion of certified classes of seed. Program components include verification of planting stock origin, field inspections, laboratory analysis, auditing, official labeling, and approval of certified seed storage, handling, and processing facilities.

As a member agency of AOSCA ( Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies ), a worldwide network of seed service organizations), the Louisiana Seed Certification Program coordinates the delivery of services that enhance and certify the quality of seed, including participation in “inter-agency” seed certification with other member agencies.