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PUBLIC NOTICE - Hunting season variances granted

September 8, 2023
News article

Commissioner Strain OKs September harvesting of farmed white-tailed deer at three locations

Pursuant to LAC 7: XXI.1719(A), farm-raised white-tailed deer may be harvested by killing from October 1 thought January 31.  LAC 7:XXI.1719(C) authorizes the Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry to establish, by written order, variances of these dates as the commissioner deems necessary to carry out the purposes of R.S. 3:3101-3108. 

In light of the foregoing, and in consideration of their applications for a variance, Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, Mike Strain, has authorized the following to open their hunting grounds for the purpose of harvesting farm-raised white-tailed deer from September 1, 2023, until September 30, 2023: 

  • 2 Brothers' Whitetails, LLC, 56099 Dohm Rd, Loranger, LA 70446

  • Old Mill Creek Hunting Club, LLC, License No. 2082, 599 Timothy Church Rd, Springhill, LA 71075, through its owner, Daniel Thomas

  • Blackhawk Farms, LLC, License No 1010/1011, 6978 Hwy 15 Vidalia, LA 71373, through its owner Joshua McCoy

This notice will be published in the next issue of the Louisiana Register, in accordance with LAC 7:XXI.1719(C).