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Veterinarian resources

Applications, records, and required forms for veterinarians

Help with the compliance side of veterinary medicine

You already know that keeping animals healthy, and treating them when they're sick, involves a lot of care– and a lot of paperwork. This site section is intended to provide veterinarians and other animal health professionals one-stop access to the information, documentation and professional support resources they need to manage the administrative and legal parts of their jobs.


  • Transporting livestock

    Move animals into and out of Louisiana safely and legally with health certificates, Coggins and equine piroplasmosis tests, and other requirements.
  • Animal diseases and prevention

    Learn how to report and respond to avian influenza, equine botulism, and more
  • Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine

    Examines and determines the qualifications and fitness of applicants for a license to practice veterinary medicine in the state.
  • Animal health forms

    Applications and forms for health certification, disease testing, and other veterinary medicine needs

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Veterinary Health Division, Animal Health and Food Safety