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Animal shelter inspections

Ensure animal shelters are safe from diseases

The Louisiana Animal Control Advisory Task Force (LACATF) supports local and municipal animal control enforcement efforts while promoting proper treatment and well-being of dogs and cats. The task force functions within the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF), and its members are appointed by the LDAF Commissioner. The group is committed to improving animal welfare and public animal shelters in the state of Louisiana.

Animal shelter registry

The LACATF maintains a voluntary animal shelter registry enabling the task force to carry out its duties. All public animal shelters owned, operated, or designated for the purpose of impoundment of animals by any parish, municipality or other subdivision of the state, may register their agency/shelter.

Shelter inspection program

The LACATC Shelter Inspection Program is a comprehensive agency/shelter program that provides recommendations to animal control agencies on how to provide a high quality, effective agency/shelter to the communities they serve.

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Veterinary Health Division, Animal Health and Food Safety
Louisiana Animal Control Advisory Task Force

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