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Forestry enforcement

Enforcing criminal laws pertaining to the protection of forest woodlands

The Forestry Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing criminal laws pertaining to the protection of forest woodlands such as, but not limited to arson and timber theft.

Forestry enforcement officers are commissioned by the State Forester as per LA.RS 3.4274.1 and are vested with the same authority and powers conferred by law upon regular law enforcement officers of this state. They also shall have primary responsibility for the collection, preparation, and central registry of information relating to theft of timber and shall assist all law enforcement agencies in investigations of timber theft violations throughout Louisiana.

Enforcement officers are also authorized to audit records of timber harvesters and facilities that receive forest products to ensure compliance with civil statutes regulating the harvesting and receiving of timber products.

Enforcement officers work closely with timberland owners to educate, counsel and direct them in the protection of their timber resources and legal options in pursuing settlements or criminal court actions. Prevention and education activities include presentations, public contact programs and media projects. All activities are designed to promote public awareness and participation in the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s effort to reduce all forestry related crimes.

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Forestry Enforcement Roy St. Pierre, Jr. Enforcement Program Director

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