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Minority and Veteran Affairs

Linking minority and veteran farmers to assistance and resources

Minority and veteran farmers often face issues related to experience, land access, and funding.

The Minority and Veteran Affairs program aims to provide minority and veteran farmers with the technical assistance needed to make more informed agricultural decisions on their farms, as well as sustain and increase the number of minority farmers in Louisiana.

We seek to create a network of knowledge and information for new and beginner farmers as well as those who have been farming for many years. Bridging the gap of cross-generational knowledge offers the following benefits:

  • Stimulating the local economy in these communities by the increase in minority farmers participating in farmer’s markets

  • Helping socially disadvantaged farmers and veterans transition into a sustainable career in agriculture

  • Creating avenues for small farmers, especially those living in food deserts, to provide food to their families, friends, and communities


Louisiana has a total of 8,072 minority owned farms operating on about 865,342 acres.

  • Women owned farms: 3,457

  • Black owned farms: 3,109

  • Spanish, Hispanic, Latino owned farms: 849

  • American Indian owned farms: 526

  • Asian owned farms: 131

Louisiana is home to more than 315,342 veterans.


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Minority and Veteran Affairs

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