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Motor fuels

Verify motor fuel quality through inspections, tests and investigations

The Motor Fuels Program regulates the sale and quality of motor fuels in Louisiana. The program includes:

  • A Motor Fuels Laboratory whose primary function is to validate that all fuels sold in the state meet State and Federal requirements for

    • O ctane ratings for motor fuel

    • Viscosity ratings for lubricating oil

    • and other chemical and/or physical requirements established by Louisiana laws and regulations

  • LDAF inspectors who inspect over 73,000 devices at over 3,100 Louisiana locations every once a year to ensure that consumers are getting what they pay for

  • Investigations of consumer complaints 

In addition, LDAF Weights and Measures receives an average of 350 to 400 consumer complaints about retail motor fuels and devices every year, and investigates every one.


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