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Weighmaster and technician licensing

Get licensed to weigh commodities or install scales, meters, or other devices

You need to be licensed to conduct most work involving weighing commodities and installing or repairing measurement devices. LA Revised Statute 3:4621  states “No person may operate as a registered service agency, a registered service person, or as a weighmaster until he is licensed.”

Each license requires an exam, and no service person licenses will be issued without a passing exam score on file with our office. You only need to pass the exam once in your lifetime. You may take the exams as many times as you need to pass. The exam will be automatically graded, a certificate will be issued to you, and a copy will be sent to LDAF.

Types of technician licenses

What you want to work on*

License needed

Mass flow meters

Mass Flow Meter Technician License

Motor fuel devices

Petroleum Technician License

Railroad track scales

Rail Scale Technician License


Scale Technician License


Taximeter Technician License

*"Work on" means install, service, repair, test, or calibrate.

In order to work on all three scale categories (Categories 1, 2, and 3), you must take and pass both the scale technician and the rail scale technician exams.

The service agency registration fee is $100 per location.

Staying compliant

There are annual license fees. Click on the license type below for fee information. Renew your license online .


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