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Meat and poultry labeling guidance

Learn labeling requirements and the label approval process for meat and poultry products

Getting labels approved

  1. Choose and contact a processing establishment (Inspected slaughter or processor for private labelers). See: processing livestock in order to sell it .

  2. Contact Daniel Gueho for a general overview: (225)922-1358 or .

  3. Our office will send label guidance information to you.

  4. Submit a sketched label for review along with an affidavit to support your production claim (if applicable) and pictures of ingredient labels (including seasoning blends).

  5. Submit the registration form to Daniel Gueho.

  6. You will receive either recommended changes or an approval of your sketch. To avoid reprinting, don't print labels until you have received approval.

  7. Once the labels are printed, you must store them at the processing establishment.

  8. For final approval, you must submit two copies of each label to Daniel Gueho.

Label requirements



Product name

Approved nomenclature, check off style, product standard compliance

LDAF inspection logo

Standard format, specific plant number. Poultry products must contain a "P" before the plant number.

Net weight

Bottom 30% of label.

Handling statement

Use "Keep Refrigerated" or "Keep Frozen."

Does not apply to non-perishable products.

Signature line

Business address of manufacturer, packer, or distributor. If not using the processor's address, then the words "Prepared for," "Packed for," or "Distributed by" must precede the address.

Ingredient statement

List ingredients in order of descending volume predominance. Must list out the ingredients of multi-ingredient ingredients.

Does not apply to single ingredient products.

Safe handling instruction

Must meet the requirements of 9 CFR 317.2 (L) . Does not apply to RTE products.

Nutrition facts

If not exempt, these must meet the requirements of 9 CFR 317.300 .

Example labels

Download the PDF of labeling guidance .

Contact info

LDAF Meat & Poultry Inspection

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